Investment Pieces in Your Jewellery Collection

Most women reach a stage in their lives when they are ready to spend on the real stuff. In my experience, that age usually comes after she’s been working for a couple of years, and now has a good understanding of the cost and value behind fine jewellery.

Leaving rings aside, below are the staples that I suggest investing in as timepieces you’ll have forever.

Diamond Studs

Jessica Jewellery Diamond Studs

A pair of solitaire diamond studs is a must-have in every jewelry collection. The most popular size is 1.00 carat total weight (0.50 carats per stone). This is a beautiful size that is suitable for daily wear, and it can be dressed up with a halo jacket for fancier occasions.

The price for diamond studs will vary depending on the quality of the stones you select, but the general rule of thumb is that you can sacrifice on clarity here because it’s very hard to spot an inclusion on an ear (no one is coming up to look closely at your ear). We recommend a base clarity of I1 at the lowest, but will work with you to ensure that the inclusions are as minimal as possible given the clarity grade (i.e. we’re looking for diamonds that have white inclusions, instead of black ones; inclusions that are off to the side, instead of in the center).

A tennis bracelet

A tennis bracelet is a beautiful staple for the girl with classic taste. Even a small tennis bracelet (i.e. 0.02 carats per stone) will make a statement on your wrist.

An alternative to a tennis bracelet, that is just as beautiful, is a diamond bangle. Make sure it is fitted to your wrist as the diamond coverage is typically half way around, so if it is too big, it may flip and show the gold.

A diamond necklace

Our top pick in this category is our floating diamond necklace, which has a solitaire diamond floating on a delicate gold chain. We absolutely love this piece, and so do our clients and IG followers!

If investing in a single diamond is too costly for you right now, a different, but equally beautiful piece is a diamond by the yard necklace, which layers beautifully with our floating diamond necklace (if you end up splurging on that too)!

Jessica Jewellery Diamond By The Yard

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