Jewellery Care

Caring for your pieces

Jewellery is delicate by design. Please follow the suggestions below to extend the life of your jewellery and limit the risk of damage:

  • Remove your jewellery before daily rituals such as showering, applying lotion, exercising, cooking, cleaning, washing dishes etc
  • Remove your jewellery before bed (especially necklaces) and lay them out flat to avoid tangling
  • Remove your jewellery during physical activity like lifting weights, housework, outdoor gardening etc.
  • To clean your diamond jewellery, use a soft toothbrush with a mild soap and gently scrub around the diamond (be sure to clog your drain if doing this over a sink – do not let that piece fall down the sink!)

Jessica Jewellery is not responsible for the maintenance of your jewellery. Should you use jewellery cleaner, please read the label for instructions and do so at your own risk.

Professional polishing of purchased jewellery is available at a minor extra charge. Please contact us for more information.


Diamond Rings

Banging your ring can cause harm to the piece. Diamond bands are delicate by nature, and it is important to take extra care of these pieces. Diamonds in eternity bands can become loose over time, depending on how well you care for it. Should you feel that a diamond is loose, take off the ring immediately, and contact us to tighten and secure your stones. Replacing a diamond is an additional charge, depending on the size and overall quality of the specific stone.