Custom Designs

Custom Designs at Jessica Jewellery ranges from customized versions of items available on our website to high end bridal and custom diamond pieces. On this page, take a look at some of our custom work that includes a wide range of designs and styles.

Custom Medallions

Looking for a unique medallion? See some examples of recent custom medallions below and contact us to get started on your own.

Custom Calendar Medallion

Our client wanted a custom calendar medallion to represent important dates in her life! We engraved a calendar image on a solid gold tag and incorporated birthstones.

Personalized Diamond Bordered Heart Medallion

Our client wanted a statement piece to represent her kids, so we designed this bold heart medallion with diamonds and helped her complete her necklace stack with a paperclip chain and floating diamond necklace.

Family Birthstone Medallion

Our client wanted a statement medallion piece that represented each member of her family, with the option to add more stones if her family grew. We worked together to create this unique piece and paired it with a chain she could wear daily.

Personalized Initial Pieces

Looking to modify a style from our Personalized Initial Collection? Or create something brand new? Contact us to get started.

Name and Heart Bracelet

This client loved our name and diamond bracelet, but wanted to substitute the diamond for a heart. She also wanted to adjust the font slightly so we created a unique version of the product just for her!

Multiple Diamond and Initial Bracelet

Our client purchased an initial bracelet but later decided that she wanted more sparkle. We added diamonds in between the letters to make this piece unique for her.

Disc Bracelet with Hebrew Names

Our client wanted a simple but wearable bracelet that represented her children. She wanted to wear their Hebrew names as a testament to their culture and religion so we engraved them along the border of the disc.

Custom Rings (not Bridal)

Thinking of a statement ring, pinky ring, signet ring or a general ring that is personalized to you? See some examples below and contact us to get started on your own.

Emerald Signet Ring

Our client wanted a statement pinky ring that incorporated her favourite stone in an emerald shape. We sourced the perfect emerald cut emerald and created this sleek and elegant ring for her.

Diamond Chain Link Ring

Our client wanted a diamond chain link ring to wear on her right hand. We worked with her to create the perfect sized links that worked with her other rings.

Ruby Wrap Ring

Our client had rubies from a piece she wasn't wearing and liked the idea of a new ring. She loved the idea of something unique so we made her a wrap ring!

Custom Solitaire Pendant Necklaces

We create custom solitaire pendant necklaces and work with you to ensure it is perfect. Whether you have a stone or are looking to buy something new, we're here to make this classic piece unique to you.

Bezel-Set Solitaire on a Cable Chain

Our client had a sentimental family stone and wanted to make it into an everyday bezel-set solitaire. We worked with her to select the perfect bezel setting, chain length and thickness.

Emerald Cut Solitaire with a Box Chain

Our client liked the emerald cut birthstone necklace, that is set on a thin curb chain. She wanted to make this piece a little more reflective of her style, so she opted to set it in a bezel and attach it to a box chain instead.

Bezel-Set Solitaire on a Curb Chain

Our client had an heirloom stone on a pin that she never wore. She loved our open curb chain necklace and a sleek bezel setting. We combined the two pieces to create this necklace, which she layers with her other JJ pieces.

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