Incorporating Colour in Your Jewelry

A lot of women want to incorporate the rainbow when it comes to their jewelry. Coloured gemstones can be used to represent their personalities, their loved ones (through birthstone jewelry), or just for a little bit of fun.

Yet, so many people are afraid to take the plunge, out of fear that this trend will soon fade, or that they will bore of it. If you are looking for a classic way to incorporate coloured gemstones into your fine jewelry, keep reading!

Accessorize with Colour

Try out some colour in a low-risk way by incorporating it in your accessory pieces. For example, get a pinky ring with some colour to it, or an earring for your second hole! These aren’t your “staples” so you can try it out with little risk.

A subtle but very classy way to incorporate colour is in a bracelet, too. We love pairing our diamond by the yard bracelet with a coloured bezel bracelet. The stack is classy and cool.

Choose Faded Colours

By choosing faded colours, you won’t have as much of a contrast, which makes the overall piece more subtle.

This is a really interesting way to make room for colour in your “fancy” pieces – even an engagement ring!

Hide it!

If colour is something special and private, make it that way in your jewelry too! If you want the colour to be just for you, then we can set a stone along the inside of a ring and it becomes our little secret.

There are so many ways to be creative when designing your pieces. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create the jewelry of your dreams that is trendy yet timeless.

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