Comparing our 2mm,3mm & 4mm Hoops

Comparing Our 2mm,3mm & 4mm Hoops
2mm Hoop: Is Chic and perfect to be worn as an everyday hoop.
Solid 10 karat yellow gold
Available in three sizes:
    • Small (approximately 0.75" diameter)
    • Medium (approximately 0.9" diameter)
    • Large (approximately 1.25" diameter)

3mm Hoop:  If you can't choose between a thin or thick hoop, the 3mm hoop is the perfect hoop for you. Our 3mm hoop is our most popular and best-seller.
Solid 10 karat yellow gold
Six sizes available:

    • Extra-Extra-small: 12mm diameter (approximately 0.4")
    • Extra-small: 14mm diameter (approximately 0.5")
    • Small: 19mm diameter (approximately 0.75")
    • Medium: 25mm diameter (approximately 1")
    • Large: 35mm diameter (approximately 1.25”)
    • Extra Large: 45mm diameter (approximately 1.75")

4mm Hoop: For those who are bold! Perfect to be worn everyday for your daytime and night time look.
Solid 10 karat yellow gold
Available in two sizes:
    • Medium: approximately 1" diameter
    • Large: approximately 1.5" diameter

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